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Since 1995, I have been helping small and medium sized business owners to make massively more sales than ever before. Today, I am going to share my top 14 marketing tips list, with you.


These 14 marketing tips and ideas can help anyone achieve better sales results, so take a few moments to study them. I hope you find the following marketing tips and ideas useful. More importantly, I hope you do something with them. Let’s get started!


My first marketing tip is this: If you want to avoid wasting stacks of money and missing countless sales opportunities, throw your old marketing guides and audio programs in the recycling bin!


You need to know what works today and the marketing landscape changes rapidly.


So, before putting any marketing tips or marketing tactics into place, check the date of the information you are using. Of course, you can get the latest marketing tips, totally free, right here.



Seven Content Marketing Tips

  Content marketing campaigns can seem an overbearing task, but plenty of tools, sites and tricks exist to make the process easier. Any business owner can tell you that trying to keep on top of everything is challenging. That’s why automating your marketing content is a great way of ensuring your name gets out there, … Read More

Drawing subscribers to your book-related newsletter

  Whether you’re an author, publisher or book discovery startup, a mailing list might well be the most valuable asset in your toolbox. A bold statement, no doubt, but one which is rooted in digital reality. As acclaimed blogger Jeff Goins puts it: “At 4.9 billion email accounts worldwide, email outnumbers all the users on Twitter, Facebook, … Read More

Content Marketing for Humans

  Busyness is the new black. People love to talk about how busy they are, almost like it’s a badge of honor. But the truth is that people are more distracted than busy. And the good news for you is that there’s a way to distract them from their distractedness. The secret is to create … Read More

3 Keyword Research Trends to Reshape Your Content Optimization

  Keyword research is the fuel to a content marketing strategy. It helps you understand what your audience wants to know and what your competition is doing. Follow these trends to reshape how you brainstorm, create, and optimize content. 3 Keyword Research Trends to Reshape Your Content Optimization thumbnail courtesy of

27 Ideas to Break Your Creative Slump

  You can’t write that lead. You can’t come up with the visuals. You can’t figure a new way to tackle the same topic. Get out of that slump and take a tip (or 27) from your fellow marketers. 27 Ideas to Break Your Creative Slump thumbnail courtesy of

Content Distribution Essentials

  Your content efforts can live or die based on the distribution and promotion choices you make. Read on for a handy tutorial on the best techniques for driving optimal content discovery, engagement, and performance. Road Map to Success: Content Distribution Essentials That Win Eyeballs thumbnail courtesy of

5 Proven Ways to Influence Emotions in B2B Marketing

  5 Proven Ways to Influence Emotions in B2B Marketing by @KatyKatzTX thumbnail courtesy of

Build a Content Brand

  Though clients trusted the company, its marketing was immature. It lagged in thought leadership and digital marketing – far behind its competitors. Then, the financial services company created a content brand. Falling Behind Your Competitors? Build a Content Brand thumbnail courtesy of

Social Media Marketing: What Works

  Social media marketers, how are you feeling? Take a minute to breathe if you need to. The last few months have been a wild ride. Fatigue, vertigo, and even a little nausea are perfectly understandable. As I said before, social media isn’t dying, but it is changing. Marketers are used to quick changes, naturally, … Read More

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