The Anime Series Everyone’s Talking About

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The shonen genre continues to build a massive following amongst anime fans in America. With titles like Dragonball Z and Attack on Titan, shonen shows have already reached audiences far beyond its teenage male-targeted demographic. But now, the genre is breaking new grounds thanks to a show called My Hero Academia. With the series’s overwhelming rise in popularity, fresh approach to storytelling, and ultra-engaging characters, anime fans are placing My Hero amongst the great shonen series of the past and present. My Hero Academia is an adventure anime based on creator Kōhei Horikoshi’s hit manga. The manga has been serialized in Japan’s highly-popular Weekly Shōnen Jump publication since July 2014, where until recently, it occupied the top 5 spots of the magazine’s fan-based popularity rankings for roughly 150 weeks. You Should Watch ‘My Hero Academia,’ The Anime Series Everyone’s Talking About

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